Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Question Concerning Kong (light spoilers)

Full thoughts later (aside from - I liked it.) But for the last 3rd or so of the movie I was reminded of this thread a few days ago at Althouse, (and here as well) wondering if it is too soon to make a 9/11 film. Most thought that it is (though the fact that Oliver Stone is directing seems to be more of an issue than the film itself. My own thoughts are that I think it is definitely time - a true American Hero(es) tale would be good for unity I would think - but that Stone is not the right guy, both by directorial inclination/style and the obvious reaction he elicits.)

People also expressed concern about commercialization of the destruction of New York. But in King Kong, (light spoilers ahead) Kong wrecks most of Broadway, crushes cabs in Times Square and generally makes a mess of Manhattan. Not to mention the fact that the U.S. Army blows some stuff up - even firing a rocket launcher into a residential high rise. Yet this is all ok? Does the fact that it's fictional make it less exploitive? Just asking.

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Frankie said...

Interesting thoughts.

As someone who lived in the city during 9/11, I am not sure if I will ever be ok with seeing a movie about the attacks. My stomach still tenses up when I see shots of the towers in old episodes of Friends and other movies. I haven't seen Kong yet, but watching him tear up the city will probably bring back some memories.

I know the entire country felt violated and vulnerable...but seeing it in person...smelling's just a whole different story. I've actually never even blogged about it, and you know I am usually a no holds barred type of gal...