Saturday, December 10, 2005

Duke. Gonzaga. Throwbacks.

Since I've previously outed myself as a Dookie, I can crow about today's demolition of Texas. (Though, in fairness, I think Buckman going down had a good deal of influence on the margin if not the outcome.) I've thought that the Devils are overrated at #1 all season, since it seems they have about 2.5 guys (JJ, Lanndlord and Melchionni). Or maybe not, since Dockery seems to have remembered how to shoot, and Paulus and McRoberts showed a lot today. (especially Paulus, though he may indeed have a bit of the WoJo in him. Incidentally, a friend of Josh and mine used to date a girl who was WoJo's girlfriend in college. He (the friend, not WoJo) is also a reality TV "star" and charter member of the Wally Szerbiak posse. What does this have to do with Greg Paulus? Who knows, just thought it was interesting.) It also helps when Reddick is doing his Chris Kingsbury-minus-the-cigs imatation. Texas could turn out to be pretty good (their front-line is tough), but their guards suck. Plus what the hell is P.J. Tucker doing woofing at Reddick? He's in the middle of dropping 41 on your head and you are lucky to only lose by 31...

As for the Zags, I love Adam Morrison. I love his terrible hair, porn-stache and pigeon towed running style. That being said, Gus Johnson needs to slow his roll with the Larry Bird comparisons. Admittedly, going down the checklist
  1. Small town hick, (he's from Spokane) - check
  2. Making a small school big time - half-check.
  3. Genius level basketball IQ - 175, Check (I love when the nations leading scorer gets 5-10 per game on back door cuts)
  4. Ugly, not-especially-athletic white kid with bad hair and a worse stache - check, check and CHECK
  5. As Bill Raftery would say "ONIONS" - Big bad check
there is a passing similarity. But what is the likelihood that he turns out to be much better than Austin Croshere in the pros? I'm just saying...

As a final hoops note of the day. David Stern should be fined under the League's dress code for approving certain throwbacks:

The Wizards/Bullets look like they are wearing workout gear from a NASCAR pit crew. As for the Stags/Bulls, I can't even come up with an analogy. It's almost like they have boxing shorts (notice the foot thick wasteband) over wrestling singlets.

He's also culpable for allowing the Kings to rock these monstrosities:

This still photo doesn't do justice to how awful these are in motion.


Fletch said...

I am going to skip over the painful details of Texas' big suck and get right to the goods: Morrison's trash-stache. Amazing. I would have more words for it, but every time I see it I struggle to control my gag reflex.

And don't hate on the old-school Bullets' unis. It was Baltimore. It was the 60s. Forgive them their sins.

Kaiser said...

Remember when I said Adam Morrison was G-O-O-D, good in a previous comment? Well, he still is. Awesome, awesome college basketball game.

And have we established if there is any relation to Jim Morrison yet...other than hair style, of course?

Pooh said...

I have no debate with his G-O-O-Dness. I (heart) Adam Morrison. But Gus Johnson was screaming "LARRY BIRD! LARRY BIRD! LARRY BIRD!" for several minutes after the game. Simmer down.

I recollect Packer saying something insightful during the Duke game. I wish I had written it down, because now I wonder if it was a dream brought on by a bad burrito.

XWL said...

If they want to wear the throwback jerseys they should also be required to wear the throwback short shorts.

(the players would revolt and that would be the end of these merchandizing driven gimmicks)

And sorry, can't pay attention to college basketball till sometime in mid February.