Thursday, December 08, 2005

Weekly DogBlog



mortnut said...

Did you note that Mama Rat has re-handled the Pooch as "Tyge"--has sort of a British ring to it, wouldn't you say, sir?

Frankie said...

I am having a hard time handling the cuteness of that dog in boots. The Italian grandmother in me is itching to pinch his cheeks!

reader_iam said...


We used to have a bomber jacket for one of our pugs, but then he got sort of pissy about it. The sweater he sort of liked, though; we actually were looking for it yesterday, but no doubt the moths and mice did away with long ago.

reader_iam said...

Wouldn't you know, the pug referred to here is ... Newton Saxe (Newt)!


(P.S. Yes, all three pugs get two names each, both referring to scientists/mathematicians. Growing up, all of my pets were named after composers. The cat who died three years ago at 21 was the one anomaly: my one bit of naming rebellion, I guess.)

Anyway, I know I'm just rattling.

So pleased about Tige. I'm sorry I didn't get the backstory sooner, cause I sure do understand it.

(Our YOUNGEST pug, though not abused in the way Newton Saxe was, had two previous owners before he came to his--our--permanent home. We got him from the humane society. Suckers, we are. Well, in his case, more me: I'm the one who absolutely insisted. And--can you believe it?--I actually still consider myself a cat person [though I don't have a feline companion anymore]?I'm just a sucker ... what can I say?)

I do like you, Pooh, and your friends.