Friday, December 02, 2005

I Disagree, I Think. But It Has a Certain Appeal.

XWL has some thoughts on how to deal with political corruption. (BTW, I can't believe no one has responded to Fox News' "Criminilization of Politics" meme from a few weeks ago with the notion that that's what happens when one "Politicizes Criminals". Actually, I'm sure someone has made that joke before, I just haven't seen it yet.) An executive summary:
Rather than rooting it out, stomping on it, and going through with the trouble and expense of prohibiting it, I say do the exact opposite.

Empower voters by allowing them to publically trade their votes for cold, hard, tax-free cash. From dog-catcher to President, why should lobbyist and politicians be the only ones benefitting from the trade in votes.

I say it's high time to democratize corruption. Expand the largess to the little man. With real monetary incentives for every possible vote participation levels would sky rocket.
Intriguing. Impractical. But would it really be worse?

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