Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tee Hee (Poking the MFY's with a stick)

It's not nice to revel in others misfortune. Unless the 'others' are Emperor PalpatineGeorge Steinbrenner. Apparently, the Yankees lost money last season. Lots and lots of money:
The final numbers won't be crunched for a few months, but it's believed the final number will be roughly $80 million when all is tallied. According to Forbes magazine, the Yankees lost $37.1 million in 2004.
And what did this money get you? The most embarassing collapse in the history of sports; an ill-gotten gold glove for DJ; a SS/3B named Slappy McBSMVP; and a starting rotation with a combined age of 327. But hey, Giambi got himself off the sauce, so we all can be thankful for that.

Plus, never fear, Kyle Fanrsworth is here...

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