Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Unfrozen Caveman MFY

Yeah, yeah, yeah the Evil Empire signed Johnny Damon. $4 years, $13 mil per. I think this is the rare deal that hurts everyone involved. The Sawx obviously need a CF, and I'm guessing the price for, say, Jeremy Reed just went up. The Yankees overpaid for an aging CF with no throwing harm to, er, replace their aging CF with no throwing arm (who the re-signed anyway.) Johnny has to cut his hair, and be buttoned-down corporate-whore guy. That worked out pretty well for the last 'free-spirit' they signed. Aside from the whole Balco thing. Oh and the almost dying from an intestinal parasite thing.

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Fletch said...

As a non-baseball addict, who nonetheless grew up with an intense hatred of the Yankees, I was wondering if the draw to play in pinstripes was really so great that a player would move from the Sox to the Yanks while completely sober? Is the money really that much better to sell you soul to Steinbrenner?