Monday, December 26, 2005

All I Wanted for Christmas Was My Two Front Meme's

And thanks to Tim F., I'm halfway there...the Meme of Four. (Inicidentally, the Rule of Four is a fine book.)

Four Jobs I've Had in My Life: Law Clerk, Records Temp, Dot.Com Start-up Grunt, Economics Tutor

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over: Tombstone, Fight Club, Heartbreak Ridge, A Few Good Men.

Four Places I've Lived:Anchorage, AK; Northfield, MN; Minneapolis, MN and Cambridge, UK.

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch: Sportscenter (non-Stuyah editions), Lost, Boondocks and West Wing (no, that one sucks now) ER (damnit) America's Next Top Model (where'd that come from? Oh yeah) The Wire.

Four Places I've Been On Vacation: Vegas baby; London; Zagreb, Croatia (was still Yugo at the time); Binder Lake, MN.

Four Websites I Visit Daily: Althouse, Volokh, Either End of the Curve, Hit and Run.

Four of My Favorite Foods: Wings 'n' Things (best wings west of Buffalo. I shit you not;) Pepporoni Pizza; Chicken Massumun Curry; the cornbread muffins at Famous Dave's.

Four Places I'd Rather Be: Fenway; it being Monday night as I write this, Sally's in Dinkytown; Vegas; Bed.

Four Albums I can't Live Without PE's Apocalypes 91; U2 All that You Can't Leave Behind (unless the iTunes "Complete U2" counts, obviously); Clapton From the Cradle; Led Zep pick any of 1-3.

No passing along since most of the people I would tag, I tagged last week. (But, Some people haven't responded yet, so Will, here is chance number 2 for you...)


Kaiser said...

I would have went with "Disabler" instead of "Economics Tutor", but that's just me.


Pooh said...

Ah, the difference between avocation and vocation. Like they always say about Brett Favre, I'd play that game for free.