Monday, December 26, 2005

Banned Words and Phrases and Fashions for 2006

On the heals of last week's Airing of Grievances, there are certain words, phrases and concepts that are just driving me nuts, so I call for them to be banned until at least Jan 1, 2007.

#1 - Kerfluffle - Not only do I dislike the word for aesthetic reasons, I find that it is used to dismiss the signifigance of any inconvenient dispute. I move that the word be moved back where it rightly belongs - to discuss feuds between some combination of Lindsay Lohan, Matt Leinart, Taradise, Hillary Duff, Collin Farrell and Talan from Laguna Beach.

#2 - References to Captain Renault - Yes, we know, you are shocked, shocked to find out that X has done Y. It was still funny the 573rd time, but it's getting old.

#3 - Sarcasm that ends with "because then the terrorists win" or "why do you hate America?" - Actually, scratch that, there's still comedy to be mined from those two.

#4 - Any mention of "K-Fed's" rapping career. Look into my eyes. It. Never. Happened.

#5 - Kobe's leggings. Unless he adds legwarmers. Some people have BDS (Bush Derrangement Syndrome) I have KDS. I can't remember the last player I liked to see lose more, and that includes Slappy. (And for what it's worth, The Glove looked downright frisky yesterday. If GP can do that come April/May, Heat-Spurs in the finals.

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