Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Life Goal Achieved

Like about 4,000 others, I responded to Bill Simmons's request for help in picking an English soccer team to support. Well, he's made his choice (h/t anon (sign your comments, please kids...)), and it's Spurs, as I advised. Not only that, but he quotes me:
American Comparison: As one reader explains, "If the Dodgers had stayed in Brooklyn, they'd be the Spurs."
[Blah blah blah. Read all of what I said here]

--Seth, Anchorage, Alaska
I think it's a mark of a weakness in my character that I'm this excited about being Sports Guy approved. I'm such a tool.


Al said...

Wow. I'm impressed.

Now, though, if Spurs finish 15th in the table this year, we can point him to this blog to blame you.

Anonymous said...

Cool, you said that?

Simmons had a great column today.

Otto Man said...

Ha! I just read that piece. Outstanding.

Our little boy is all growed up!