Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Are You Ready For Some (Fantasy) Football?!?

Yes Hank, yes I am. (And so is Lauren)

My draft was last Friday and here's how I did (14 team league so the pickens got, er, Slim down near the end...)

QB Hasselbeck - Sea
QB Johnson - MIN
RB Portis - WAS
RB T. Jones - CHI
RB D. Rhodes - IND
RB T.J. Duckett - WAS
RB M. Jones-Drew - Jax
RB N. Davenport - GB
WR Owens - DAL
WR Horn - NO
WR K. Curtis StL
WR R. Curry OAK
TE B. Watson NE
K Vinatieri IND

Little thin at WR, but I think I did ok.


Fletch said...

Are you hating on Slim Pickens? The heroic hero from Dr. Strangelove?

Vector said...

What is that, an eight team league?

Vector said...

14?!? I think you did quite well to get that roster in a 14 team league.

DJ Ninja said...

I hope TO falls into line for you.

Pooh said...

Yeah, I usually avoid headcases like the plague, but TO at about #23, how could I pass that up?

Vector said...

TO should blow up in a positive football sense before he blows up in a negative social/team chemistry sense. At least there will be a trade window for the savvy owner.