Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Lot of That Going Around

Mi compadres at TWT are, well, depressed. 'With good reason,' you ask? I link, you decide:
Francisco Liriano, Minnesota's rookie All-Star, is out indefinitely with what appears to be a left elbow injury. . . In a quiet postgame clubhouse, Liriano, 22, seemed on the verge of tears, and his voice crackled as he described the pain, pointing to the inside of the elbow this time, beneath the muscle and possibly in the joint.
(Cue Pooh making the "kicked in the junk" face)

Of course, we can't even beat Kansas City, so, still advantage Twins. My original opinion stands:


Icepick said...

Okay, so are you bitter now? Or is it just depressed?

bill said...

Those guys at TWT sound like a bunch of quitters to me.

Kaiser said...

We're not quitters. We're just manic. Now that we just took two out of three from the (hated?)(feared?)(suprisingly good?) Tigers, we're back on top. Stay tuned for upcoming happy post. Plus, we love this too -- at least, the Papelbon part. Sorry Pooh.

bill said...

no, quitter works. Lose one player you're tearing up your tickets. Why, back in my days as a Twins fan behavior like that would've been unacceptable. You want to get back on the bus? Sorry, you gave up your seat.