Sunday, September 05, 2010

Erm, hello?

I have thoughts. I would like to record them, because as someone (maybe Don Draper?) once said if you don't write it down, it didn't happen.

Stuff I plan on talking about:

1. Entertainment: I read a lot of books. I watch a lot of TV. I see a lot of movies.

2. Wedding planning: because the tyranny of Big Media Myster shall not stand.

3. Hobbies: I recently decided to learn how to cook. It's actually going pretty well. I scared the pants off of Maia earlier this week when she came home and not only had I made beef stew for dinner, but an honest-to-goodness New York goddamn Cheesecake. Sethy Fucking Crocker.

4. Sports: because as part of 1 above, I read/watch a lot. These days, mostly Soccer and NBA basketball.

5. Other: because I can't be arsed to categorize everything I might want to talk about in the future.

Stuff I don't plan on talking about:

1. Law: Boring.

2. Politics: and even deadlier combination of boring and infuriating. I still have opinions, they have changed much if you look through the archives here, but my current level of cynicism makes it impossible to get behind discussing the ins and outs and what have yous. Basically, it boils down to this - if people invent shit that replaces the gasoline engine and find a way to provide power to industry, utilities, and so on, we're golden. If not, we're fucked. What the government does (or more than likely does not) do will end up mattering very little because it's all Kabuki intended to keep those of us too pretentious to be sated by Jersey Shore (love it) and Survivor (have never seen a second of it, one of my prouder accomplishments) occupied while the status keeps on quoing. I just depressed myself further writing that.

3. The layout of this blog: I know, it's ugly as sin. Deal.

Stuff I hope not to care about, ever:

1. Traffic

2. Daily Quota of Output

3. Yankee fans. I don't really even care about baseball anymore. Yay 2004/2007. But there is just that certain something about YankeeFan that I hope I can just ignore. LakerFan, I'm still coming for you though...

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