Sunday, October 15, 2006


Amidst the hullaballoo of, well, nothing, there was no hullaballoo, I missed the One year anniversary of this here blog (it was roughhly Tuesday). Happy belated B-day, WAP...


reader_iam said...

Hey, Pooh!

Happy anniversary!

How fast a year can go, and what a different place it can land you, virtually and otherwise.

I hope you bought yourself a drink, or , in some way or other, toasted yourself.

I toast you now, in between the words that I keyboard.

(May success--the very best kind--seduce you--in the very best sense.

To life!)

Frankie said...

Does that mean we've been friends for a year now?!

Awe Pookie! I am sending you a big ol' kiss.


Tim said...


As I relatively new blogger, with nothing substantive to add to the blogging universe, I would like to tell ya that I really enjoy your stuff. I linked to your from Frankie, whom I linked to from Diablo Cody. I knew my fondness for strippers would come in handy one day.