Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Quick Baseball Predictions

Twins over A's in 5: Twins can take 1 of 3 when Johan isn't pitching.

Yankees over Tigers in 3: Young team, in a tailspin, gets hypnotized by the 45 minute 7th inning stretch at the stadium (which includes everything short of Disney on Ice, these days...)

Padres over Cardinals in 4: La Russa probably pinch runs for Pujols, which ends up costing them the deciding game. If there's a baseball equivalent of the basketball "Look! I'm coaching!" timeout, it's Tony La Russa doing pretty much anything. This is still a really good book, though.

Mets over Dodgers in 4, before the lack of Pedro derails them. (It's almost as if one could have predicted that Pedro would be very good for a year or two after he left the Sawx, and then his arm would fall off. Almost.)

Let's Go Twins

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Tim said...


Pretty well agree with your predictions, even after today's stumble by the Twins. My preseason prediction was a Mets-White Sox series and we already know how one of those turned out, with Pedro out the other isn't looking too good either. So that leaves us with what, a Padres-Yanks world series? Rematch of 1998?

Speaking of the Padres somebody who pays closer attention to this stuff needs to explain why Jake Peavy put up such ordinary numbers this year. Prior to this year I had thought Peavy to be of only slightly less caliber than Santana.

Also, good call on the Bissinger book, I enjoyed that as well. Another I would recommend is Daniel Okrent's "Nine Innings."

Congrats on the job and I am glad your back to blogging