Sunday, December 10, 2006

Take Your Pick...

Two entires in the "why I love soccer" notebook...

Matty Taylor:

[Update: Deadspin reminds me that since Taylor has done this before, it's definitely not a fluke:

As I'm sure they're still singing in Portsmouth, Taylor For England!]

Or Michael Essien:

Sorry about the poor quality, when a better one goes up on YouTube, I'll snag it.

(Also sorry, Tim. I along with half of Manchester was hoping that Arsenal would hold on...I would have settled for a draw before a ball was kicked and certainly will live with it considering that shelling Lehman's goal took over the last 10+ minutes.)


Al said...

Essien's goal was unbelievable - I mean, the bend on it was Beckham-esque... and then it was off the post and in.

Arsenal was so lucky to get the point out of the game (and ManU was lucky that Chelsea didn't get the full three). First of all, if Cech was playing (or really any half-decent keeper), he saves the Arsenal goal EASILY. And really - the TWO off the woodwork in injury time? Come on. Chelsea played poorly for the first 75 minutes, but those plast 15 the pressure was incredible. Chelsea deserved the three.

I wouldn't get too cocky if I were you ManU fans. There's a lot of time left in the season, including a trip to the Bridge.

Pooh said...

100% agreed, though I thought Arsenal were the better side, just slightly, before Robben and Wright-Phillips came on. You have to be scratching your head at Jose's continued reliance on Ballack, who is giving y'all pretty much nothing. (Sheva is at least creating space for Drogs, who was back to his flopping worst today.)

United desperately need 1-2 midfielders in January (preferably Owen Hargreaves though I thought I saw rumors of Marcos Senna, who quite impressed me in the World Cup) and maybe a striker, as I'm not sure how much Larsson has left in the tank (though I think that's a pretty inspired move)

Jake said...

Wow, that really was a strike of unbelievable quality! I had seen the two Taylor goals earlier, and they're pretty good, but Essien got some crazy english on that ball.