Wednesday, December 06, 2006

These Five Things I Know Are True (12/6)

1. This week's Studio 60 was clearly the best of the year thus far. Sorkin can clearly write a Christmas episode (though I desperately wanted them to Just Shut Up And Let The Band Play at the end) - it got a little dusty during this:

2. "Heroes" on the other hand, might be losing me. Aside from Hiro, and the Cop Who Hears Voices, none of the characters really pop.

3. Via AOL's NBA blog (featuring Shoals of FD fame), Tim Hardaway, respect:

Timmy was probably my favorite player after Reggie Lewis died and before KG came along. Of course the "UTEP Two-Step" signature move from the old EA Sports games had a lot to do with it. (Two crossovers, a spin, and a running floater which went so high it went off the top of the screen, IIRC. And if you think that didn't have a formative effect on my own shot selection...well, as Tall says, I don't have shot selection as it's more of an accumulation.)

4. My Fantasy Football team blows, if you cared. Mainly because I'm terrible at it. The team I drafted would be doing pretty well. Given my GMing skills, maybe I should cut Theo some slack...not likely.

5. Finally, Miss Frankie, very, very very NSFW. Or for having liquid in your mouth while reading. Monitors are both fragile and spendy.


Hops said...


next time there's a wedding, frisbee tournament, or day of drinking that brings you our way...we'll have to have a long talk about Studio 60.

i can't stand the show, so summarize my thoughts, "I don't care what happens behind the scenes at a sketch comedy show."

Kaiser said...

Pooh, I'm totally in agreement about the Xmas episode. I think the previously best episode of S60 was about a 4 out of 10, sadly, but this past week's was like an 8 or 8.5. Unfortunately, to live up to the West Wing standard, you have to average 8.5s...

Tara Smith said...

Perhaps next year you will consider my tried and true NFL drafting method: A Lineup of Smiths. Currently, there are 34 such players with first names ranging from A-Z. Quite a bevy to choose from, if I don't say so myself.