Thursday, March 08, 2007

5 Things On Thursday

  • Wha? No, seriously, WTF? There are so many questions I have for which I'm truly afraid of the answer. I mean, if that is in the employee handbook to begin with? "Even if a passenger requests such an action"? Also, Tim makes a salient point:
    I have long believed that Northwest Airlines is not only the worst airline in America, but is in the running as being the worst corporation in the country.
    The Kevin McHale of the airline industry, perhaps?
  • I am mystified by the SternBot's latest. (Though this is funny, and I think Gerald Henderson, Jr. feels the same way) Mr. Commissioner, whatever image problem your league has, this is not the method for solving it: When Pac-Man Jones is the NBA's fault too, suspending people for accidental collisions seems like kicking the dog because you got into a car wreck. Basketball is a contact sport, people get hit in the face, and benching one of the league's marquee attractions for his only appearance in certain cities...just ugh.

  • Rome has been quite good this season. Superior to last season, I think. Though the actor that replaced Max Pirkis as Octavian doesn't do much for me ('inscrutable' works much better for showing intelligence for a 14-year old than it does for a twentysomething. Then he just looks like a bad actor.) For me, the show is meant as something of a rebuke to those who prattle on about the "decline of Western Civilization." Given the Romans, we seem to be doing quite well, so far as such things go.
  • Sudoku is the proof that the devil makes mischief for idle hands.

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Tim said...

Brother Pooh,

I should have made this more clear as you are not the first person to raise this point.

My excerpt from the NWA handbook was satire, and judging from your reaction and others, poorly executed satire at that.

The story is real, the handbook not so much.