Monday, March 05, 2007

Guess Who's Back...

And there was much rejoicing, like we just ate Brave Sir Robin's minstrels.

Anyway, for those of you who didn't know, my extended absence was occasioned by...the occasion of the Alaska Bar Exam. In an effort to minimize my online time, and therefore maximize the studying, I rather cut myself off from the internet.

I didn't check email, I didn't surf, I didn't read or write blogs/comments. Heck I barely answered the phone...(thanks for the kind wishes those of you who provided them...) And for some reason, bar exam and studying therefore aside (how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?) this was kind of awesome. Except for the 600+ emails I have to sift through now...anyway, a lot happened while I was gone, but I can only review so much:
  • The Departed was not the best movie of last year. I think we all know that. The problem is, can anyone think of a movie that was worhty of being called "the best"? For all intents and purposes, I thought "Little Miss Sunshine" was the betterest movie of 2006, but calling it "the best" is a bit like drafting Andrew Bogut #1 overall. Is that all there is? Reese Witherspoon should have won something, just so she could have come onstage again. Al Gore is not running, he was funny, twice, and no politician actually running is going to risk that.
  • That Texas-Texas A&M game was all kinds of awesome. Acie Law yelling "That's what I Do!" at his teammates after making some ludicrous game saving three is why I love college hoops. Reminiscent of Cat Mobley telling Dickie V. of the guy guarding him "I'm busting that ass..."
  • Tyler Hansbrough needs to stop letting himself be compared to Eric Montross. He should probably transfer to avoid it, at this point. Big gangly white kid? Check. Star for UNC? Check. Bleeds easily against Duke? Check. Vastly overrated pro prospect? Transfer, young man, transfer.
  • I liked "The Black Donnellys" better the first time when it was called "The Godfather".
  • Immediate post-exam observation: There is nothing worse than waking up smelling like last night's cigarettes. I spent most of the weekend in the shower trying to wash the smell off. That, and I couldn't really complete the thought required to turn it off and get out...


Ahistoricality said...

Congratulations! (Passed or not, you survived the experience. So far)

And welcome back.

(I have no opinion whatsoever on anything else in this post, as it turns out)

Anonymous said...

I wondered what happened, I was looking for you! Alaska bar? Wow. Good luck.

Icepick said...

Does this mean your roll will now accelerate?

bill said...

welcome back and congratulations.

Can I get your support behind a proposal that any college basketball team that scores less than 70 points in any game during the season cannot qualify for the tournament? If they score less than 60, they're disqualified for the following year as well.

For the NBA, the cutoff is 80 points. Less than 80 and playoffs, score less than 70 and the team is disbanded and the players sold to teams who give a shit.

Pooh said...


Roll may indeed velocity.


No, you may not ban teams for scoring under 70 - the 49-48 OSU-Wisconsin game was ridiculously entertaining, obscene elbow injuries aside.