Friday, June 23, 2006

Cel-e-bration! (It's Zeke Time!)

Amidst all my mindless World Cup drivel, I neglected to mention how ludicrously excited I am about the reality-TV-show-in-need-of-a-pitch-meeting that is Isiah Thomas assuming the coaching reigns of the Knicks. I was giggling when I heard the news, and I'm still giggling now, on the verge of tittering, really. I'm giddy. Yes, as Matt says, they will probably have a better record next year (regression to the mean across seasons, especially for truly crap teams, is an NBA fact of life.) But they will still be egregiously bad and we get the bonus of Zeke looking perplexed on the sidelines as he wonders why a lineup of Marbury, Fracis, J-Rose, Frye and Eddy Curry gives up 110 points/game, and always ends up shooting fadeaway 22-footers against the shot clock in clutch situations. If ever there was a litmus test of the Peter principle, this is it.

(Additionally, this is chickenshit - you signed a contract, which everyone not named Dolan or Thomas thought was stupid, own up to it. As Teddy KGB would say, "pay dat myan. Pay dat myan his myuney.")

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