Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup Lush

It's 7:40 in the morning here...and I'm tanked. I've decided to see if my brand new Marcello Balboa Drinking Game makes his commentary any more bearable. Drink every time he says someone "does/did a good job here/there". Drink a shot every time he says it about something that really shouldn't be lauded - case in point his adulation of Grosso's hook-the-foot-swan-dive to 'beat' Australia.

And the answer? No. No it doesn't. Though he is doing his subtle part to blunt the 'English as a national language' movement - I don't think I'm the only one desperately wishing to understand Spanish due to his...stylings.

Adriano was miles offsides. Twice. First when the ball was played to Cafu, and then when it was crossed too him. That's awful, again. I can't imagine how the linesman missed it, other than sheer suckage. Occam's razor! Ghana deserves 1-1 at half time (typically, "Lemon" 'Cello (very tasty before 8, I must admit) was in raputres of the "good job" by Dida in making a save that he knew literally nothing about....)

Update: No I was not actually drinking at 7:40 am. And, no, my absence for the rest of the day was not...induced by bevvies. Let's just say that the IT guys are not my friends right now.

BTW, 3-0 Brazil is criminal on Ghana, but Balboa claimed in about the 77th minute that A) Ghana was the better side and B) that Ronaldinho isn't one of the best players in the world. Had I been drinking, that would have require killing the bottle.

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reader_iam said...

So, is it significant that you haven't updated since this morning?

And exactly what cereal goes with morning shots (unless--tsk, tsk--surely you weren't playing your game on an empty stomach)?