Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WC Loose ends, round 1

Just some quick thoughts on the games I hadn't posted about from today and yesterday.

Switzerland 0 - France 0: Ugh. Worst game of the tourney thus far. Yes France should have had a penalty, but them's the breaks. You need a certain kind of midfielder for the 4-3-2-1 Christmas tree to work, especially when the one up top is not a target type player. Zidane is not that kind of player at this point, nor, certainy is Makelele. Viera can be that late arriving finished, but it's not natural for him. I'm sure Ribery is a fine player but who are his crosses going to reach? Henry is not going to outjump two teutonic center backs and score headers often. (Incidentally, who does Trezeguet have to blow to get in the game?) It's not like Switzerland offered much going forward either, but then, they aren't expected to be challengers either.

MoM: ?

South Korea 2 - Togo 1 and Tunisia 2 - Saudi Arabia 2: Can't shake the feeling that these were rather Junior Varsity events. South Korea probably deserved the win, Ahn changed the game coming in at halftime. Saudi Arabia was unlucky and a little naive not to win - I was shocked to see them put a free kick into the box 1:45 into injury time. Don't they know the corner flag dance in Riyadh?

MoM: Ahn for South Korea, Jaidi for Tunisia.

Team of 1st round:

GK: Shaka Hislop T&T
LB: Phillip Lahm GER
CB: Brett Sancho T&T
CB: Robert Kovac Cro
RB: Sergio Ramos Spa
LM: Arjen Robben Net
CM: Marcos Senna Spa
CM: Juan Roman Riquelme Arg
CM: Tomas Rosicky Cze
RM: Kaka Bra
CF: Fernando Torres Spa

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